Our History

The Beary Best Academy for Children, Inc. was established in 1986 by Robert C. (Buster) Johnson and his wife, Sherry Johnson. The Johnson's realized there was a need for quality childcare in Texas. They believe that children need a safe and happy environment in which to grow and learn.

The first Beary Best Academy opened in Mesquite, Texas in 1986.  There were several centers to follow in Waco, Rowlett, Irving, Frisco, Temple, and Forney, Texas.

The Johnson's also owned an infant center in Waco, Texas called Baby Best Academy.  Over the past several years, the Johnson's have sold their other centers and now the Frisco location is the only Beary Best Academy.

Beary Best Academy offers a developmentally appropriate program for children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age.  The center takes pride in retaining qualified well trained, tenured staff.  Beary Best Academy is based on the concept that children learn by doing.  The center provides numerous activities including programs in Spanish, Music, Computers, Fitness, Dance, Swimming, Sports Camps, etc. 

Meet Our Owners

Sherry & Robert( Buster) Johnson are the owners of Beary Best Academy. They have been in the childcare business for over 34 years and have designed, built and managed several schools in Texas.

At present, the Frisco school, which opened in 1998, is the only Beary Best Academy.  The Johnson’s have been married for 49 years and have two daughters, Jennifer Parmer and Jessica Clark. Jennifer was the first Director of the Frisco school. She now works part time in the management area overseeing payroll and is an Administrator for the BBA Corporation. Jessica is a Dance Teacher and Drillteam Director at Rockwall High School. 

Sherry & Buster believe that children are truly a “gift” from God and the “most prized possession” on this earth!  They are blessed with five wonderful  grandchildren – Harley, Hayden, Jackson, Jacob, and Ashley!

Meet Our Owners


The Beary Best Academy for Children believes that each child should be recognized as an individual and be encouraged to reach his or her full potential. Our goal is to provide your child with an atmosphere that will promote emotional, intellectual, social and physical growth. Our educated, qualified staff will use developmentally appropriate guidance to insure your child's safe and healthy path through each stage of his/her development. We assure you that your child's journey will be both stimulating and safe, and with parental support we are confident that our goals will be achieved and your child will enjoy a healthy and happy childhood. Our staff knows that your child needs a place where he/she receives individual attention, is encouraged to be creative and expressive, is led to new discoveries about his/her world, and can enjoy quiet, nurturing moments.

Meet Our Director

We are pleased to have Cheryl Dean as the Executive Director at Beary Best Academy Frisco.  Cheryl has been a part of the Beary Best Family for over 25 years.  She has many years of experience and training in Child Development and Management.  She has worked in every area of our school including being a cook, “nurse”, bus driver, Financial Coordinator, Caregiver of all ages of children, Assistant Director  and for the past several years – our wonderful Executive Director!  Cheryl and her husband Ken have three children -  Dustin, Lindsay, and Whitney, and they are also blessed with 3 precious grandchildren, Landon, Blakely, and Presley!   Cheryl has a genuine love for children which is just one of the reasons she is such an asset to our school.  Beary Best Academy is very proud to have Cheryl Dean as a member of our Beary Best Family.

Director's Statement: “I have loved my years at Beary Best Academy and I feel privileged to work for a school that always puts the children first.  The children are the very best part of each day…..I love the funny things they say, their big smiles coming in each morning and their sweet hugs at the end of the day!  I can’t imagine doing anything else!”


Beary Best Academy of Frisco is a 17,000 sq.ft. facility, established in 1998,  which includes a large Lobby, Commercial Kitchen, Laundry, Infirmary, Infant Nursery, seven large Pre School Classrooms, and a large School Age Classroom.  Indoor areas also include the Toddler “Circus” Playroom, Multi Media & Dance Room, Spanish Room, Gymnasium/Cafetorium, Computer Room, and “Fantasy Island” Playpark.

The Playgrounds are all large with age appropriate play structures, including a tricycle track and large soccer field.  In the summer, the children enjoy the “Bear Beach” Swimming Pool and Water Play Area.

The large state of the art facility offers children an environment to express their creativity, strengthen social skills, verbal skills, and prepare them for a life long love of learning!


Safety and Security

The safety of our children is top priority at Beary Best Academy. The following are some of the measures we take to provide a safe and secure facility.

Security Cameras– There are security cameras throughout our campus used for monitoring by our management staff. The Director also has monitors in her office so she can observe and be aware of the activity throughout the campus.

Access Controlled Security Door – Parents are given their own protected security code that will allow entrance to the classrooms and other areas of our campus. Our Office Staff is very mindful and observant of who is allowed to pass through the security door.  Everyone who enters must have a code or be approved by the Director – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Observation Windows –All classrooms have an observation window where parents may observe their child.  Parents may also meet with the Director and arrange for observation on the security monitors.

Intercom/Cell Communication –All areas of the facility have an intercom system so the staff and front office may communicate quickly. Our classroom teachers also have cellphone use in case of an emergency.

Identification Required for Pickup –We will not release a child to anyone without identification and a parent must have authorized the pickup.

Criminal Background Checks – We will run criminal background checks on all staff and anyone who we allow to work with the children.  We also require Federal Screening through fingerprinting.

Fire and Safety Drills – These drills are performed regularly so our staff and children are well prepared in case of an emergency.

Staff Safety Training- Our staff is trained to know how to keep the children safe.  These measures are reinforced at staff meetings and through informative literature.  


Beary Best Academy enjoys membership in several child care associations including Texas Licensed Child Care Association, The National Association for the Education of Young Children, National Child Care Association, and the National Association of Child Care Providers.


© The Beary Best Academy for Children

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