“Incredible” Infants – 6 weeks to 12 months 

Beary Best Academy Infant Nursery provides a loving, nurturing atmosphere where your baby will receive a lot of attention from our experienced and well trained caregivers. We believe it is very important for the baby to “bond” with the caregiver and feel a sense of security.  When the baby feels safe and secure, it will make the physical separation from parents easier.

At Beary Best Academy, we believe it is essential to hold, rock, cuddle, sing and talk to the infants.  Our caregivers will work to form a trusting relationship with each baby, making sure that all the needs of your child are met each day.  We will provide a bright, happy area with soft toys, sturdy picture books, infant size climbing structures, musical toys and many other age appropriate items which will invite infants to touch and explore their surroundings. These developmentally appropriate learning materials will help your child learn to recognize objects and practice grasping and reaching.  Your baby will also be introduced to activities that will stimulate brain development, prepare  for talking and help your baby to learn motor skills.

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety of your child is very important at Beary Best Academy.  We provide on-going training and safety drills that will enable our caregivers to react quickly to protect your child in the event of an emergency.  The cribs and all of the equipment used in the Infant Nursery are of the highest quality and exceed all safety standards.  There are two cribs equipped with “evacuation wheels” positioned next to one of the exits, making it very easy to transport infants in case of an emergency.  In the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation, the Infant Nursery has three exits making it the easiest room in the building to evacuate very quickly.  Closed circuit TV monitoring cameras are also used constantly.

Crib Area

The Crib Area will provide a quiet and cozy place for the babies to sleep.  Each one of our eight babies will have their own personal crib that will be cleaned and sanitized daily.  The sheets will be washed with a mild soap and kept clean each day.  Each Infant will have their own personalized bulletin board displayed over their crib.  Parents are encouraged to bring a mobile, stuffed animal, blanket or any special item you would like for your child to have in their personal crib area.  Underneath each crib is a large “drawer” type container personalized for your child.  This is for extra clothes, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, blankets, etc. 

Diapering Area

The Infant Nursery is equipped with a safe and sanitary Diapering Area.  Caregivers wash their hands and also use gloves whenever diapers are being changed.  The diapering area has colorful pictures and mobiles for the baby to see while being changed.  We feel it is also a good time for the caregiver to have close eye contact with the baby, because infants learn and develop best with plenty of close interaction.  We will use the wipes and diapers you provide only for your child. We ask that you please label everything with your child’s name.

Food Prep and Feeding Area

The Food Prep Area is where your child’s food is stored and prepared.  The food and bottles you provide must be labeled with your child’s name and the date. Caregivers will warm the bottles in our crockpot so there is no danger of overheating breast milk.  We ask that you provide a written diet plan  for your infant.  We will follow your diet plan and use the food you provide until your baby is ready for regular table food.  Our gliding rockers (equipped with safety locking device) are comfortable and soothing places for bottle feeding.  The short little feeding chairs with the trays are used for feeding the babies when they can sit up comfortably by themselves.  Feeding time is always a “happy & fun” time for our Infants.

Play & Learning

Providing lots of opportunities for your Infant to learn, explore and interact with the caregivers is very important in our Infant Nursery.  Infants can practice their motor skills such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling up, climbing and eventually learn to walk.  Colorful age-appropriate toys designed to stimulate the infants curiosity will be used along with music and singing.  The infants will experience many opportunities for multi-sensory play.  These developmentally appropriate learning materials will entice the infants to touch, track objects with their eyes, listen to various sounds, practice reaching and grasping, and explore different materials and understand them.



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