“Prepared” Pre-Kindergarten – 4 years old by September 1st

Beary Best Academy offers an extensive Pre-Kindergarten Program which includes many different areas of study.   We are excited to present the highly acclaimed “Big Day for Pre K” Curriculum by Scholastic.  This curriculum is a proven-effective comprehensive program that embraces children’s natural curiosity and builds the foundation for success in school and life.  “Big Day for Pre K” provides instruction in all learning areas including – Social and Emotional Development, Oral Language and Vocabulary, Emergent Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Physical Development, and Technology. “Big Day for Pre K” is organized into eight engaging and child friendly theme.  As the year progresses, the themes will broaden, and the children will begin to understand more about the world around them.  Because of the flexible content, our teachers can incorporate their own favorite themes into the classroom.

One of the most favorite themes used in our Pre K class is our “Exploring Our World” study.  The children will “travel” to many different countries where they will learn interesting things about each country including the capitol, locations on the world map, the country flag, what kinds of food the people eat, the schools the children attend and what they study, and unique things about their culture.

Twice a year the children will visit the “Beary Best International Airport” where they will take a mock airplane ride to visit the countries they have studied.  They will have their “passports” stamped to show every country they have traveled to during the year.  They will each have a “suitcase” that will have souvenirs from each country and they will be given their suitcase and passport to take home at graduation.  Another very fun part of this study is when they study America.  The children will learn many fun and interesting facts about our great country and will know all of the states and capitols by the end of the year graduation.

In addition to all  the above curriculum, your child will go to Spanish, Music and Computers.  The children are never bored at Beary Best Academy!  One thing that makes us different from a lot of other schools is that our children are moving all day long….never just “stuck” in one room.  They transition in small groups throughout the day and they have a lot of fun! Pre K children will also benefit from the Kindness Curriculum which will help build character and teach loving values.

Our goal is to make sure your Pre- Kindergarten child is well prepared for Kindergarten.   We have been told every year that Frisco ISD Kindergarten Teachers can always pick out the children that attended Beary Best Academy because they are so well prepared!

© The Beary Best Academy for Children

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